Our service.

We like to keep our prices uncomplicated and clear so we offer an hourly service at £35 with the first hour £50 and a discounted day rate 9-4.30 pm £300 inc Vat. Any additional time after 4.30 pm on the day rate is charged at the hourly rate.

We don't charge for parking if parking or vouchers provided.
All central London congestion and Emissions charges apply if you live in the congestion zone.
If the customer can't supply materials we will pickup as a courtesy on the day at no additional charge and subject to the materials being available. The materials would be charged at cost and receipts are made available by request. Any materials not directly sourcable locally would need the customer to source online. We can assist with this but do not guarantee supply. This would also need our chap to return in the event that item(s) are found and will incur our standard charges.
Payment is due on completion of the works and we accept most cards, cash or check or payment by direct transfer.

The daily rate would include a rest period of one 30 minute break for our contractor.

Hope this helps