Our prices


It is expected that materials

are present at the job.

however these can be got

at an additionl charge of £20.

Need a repair we'll be there!

Tel: 02037547839

Community based company providing affordable solutions at affordable prices. We exist to serve the community ensuring our expertise is drawn from local communities that we serve. To that end we train and recruit skilled tradesmen and multiskilled people from the community.


What it costs.


It could not be more simple £35 per hour from 08:00 AM until 17:00 PM. And this is irrespective of the repair type! The evening rate is £35 per hour and oparatives from 17:00 PM until midnight weekdays. Additional charges are refered to at the right Ideally If you have a days work it is suggested that a 8 hour day rate of £230 would be more efficient and cost effective..

Benefits of our service

Competitive price

Repairs are guarenteed for 90 days

Proffesional multtrade operatives

Reponse time within the hour

Planned maintenance

Reactive maintenance



It is expected that the custmer provide suitable parking so that we can keep prices low. Were the congestion charge can be avoided we will not charge.

Emergency Repairs

Ready at any time for a small additional cost of £30 in addition to our rate.